Happy NY!

New York wasn’t completely happy. It actually involved quite a bit of frantic running around. But in the end, it was a fun night I guess. The thing about the big apple is that, like… Continue reading

Happy People!

No, it’s not Valentine’s Day or even an anniversary, I just felt like I don’t say this enough. People are some of the most wonderful, magical, thought-provoking sources of happiness in my life.… Continue reading

The Ugly Little Prisoner

This story was inspired by the creepy, creepy podcast from Snap Judgement’s spooky podcast. Prison isn’t a good place to grow up in. Yet its where I had ended up spending most of… Continue reading

Happy Mat!

Okay, no one except a believer in alternative medicine is going to understand this, but I’ve just gotten an acupressure mat. I say acupressure mat because it sound better than “bed of nails”… Continue reading

Happy sandwich!

Well, this sandwich has been so good, it’s now nothing more than an empty napkin of crumbs. The sandwich itself was really nothing more than two pieces of rye bread layered around some tomatoes,… Continue reading

A world past the sea

“…how is it coming?” “I’ve been… issues…. won’t come to me…” The boy wandered towards the whispering voices. He must have circled around the same area at least fifty times before realizing that… Continue reading

Happy books!

I’ve been feeling a little down lately and saw somewhere the idea of making a literal Happy Bottle that contains pieces of happiness that happen over the course of a year. Those messy,… Continue reading

A story by the sea

This story begins as the title suggests: by the sea. There once was a boy who lived by the sea. A sad little boy, who was forced to fish day after day in… Continue reading

A chapel on a quite day

You don’t even have to be particularly religious, you just have to be a bit in need of guidance from that inner self that can only be heard in moments of silence.